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English Audience Reaction to "8.5 Hours"

"8.5 Hours" was screened at the first Staffordshire Festival of Performing Arts in Stoke-on-Trent in May 2011. The film won the award for best feature at the festival and the director Brian Lally spoke to the organisers and some of the audience about their reactions to the film:

Radio Interview with director Brian Lally on Galway Bay FM

Brian Lally, the writer and director of "8.5 Hours" was interviewed on the GK Show on Galway Bay FM at the time of the Galway Film Fleadh July 2011. Brian chats about how the film appears to have built up a cult following with Irish audiences:

Dublin IT Audience Reaction to "8.5 Hours"

As "8.5 Hours" is one of the few films set in the software industry, in September 2010, we organised a special screening in Dublin in conjunction with IT industry website for members of the Irish IT industry. Here are their reactions to the film:

Belfast Audience Reaction to "8.5 Hours" and Best Actress Award

"8.5 Hours" was screened at the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Belfast in August 2009. Lynette Callaghan won the festival award for best actress for her portrayal of Rachel. George Clarke, the festival organiser gives his views on the film and we get a really nice reaction from the local audience. George recently became a YouTube sensation due to his Charlie Chaplin 'time traveller' video.

"8.5 Hours" wins Best Feature Award at Clonmel

"8.5 Hours" was screened at the International Film Festival Ireland in Clonmel in September 2009 and won the award for best Irish feature. Director Brian Lally and executive producer Liam Moran travelled down to Clonmel for awards night and made a travelogue about the trip and this small but vibrant independent film festival.

Acting in "8.5 Hours" - Art Kearns

One of the extra features on the "8.5 Hours" DVD is a 30 minute documentary about the main actors in "8.5 Hours" and their experiences of working on the film. In this clip, Art Kearns who won widespread critical praise for his portrayal of the character Frank, talks about the role and why he became an actor.

Acting in "8.5 Hours" - Lynette Callagan

Another excerpt from the 30 minute documentary "Acting in 8.5 Hours". Lynette Callaghan, who won the Best Actress Award at the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Belfast for her portrayal of Rachel, talks about her experiences working on the film.

"8.5 Hours" - Original Cinema Trailer

The original cinema trailer for the film when it was released in Irish cinemas in January/February 2010. Though shot on a tiny budget, "8.5 Hours" was one of the first very low budget independent Irish feature films to achieve a widespread national cinema release. Projected from a pristine digital print, "8.5 Hours" played in cinemas throughout Ireland for most of February and built up a cult following.